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It is from the desire to blend passion into good taste and versatile materials that in 2006 the first Baci Milano products were created and then multiplied day after day to bear the enchanting collections with a distinguishing feature.

Milan is the city where this dream started it’s the cradle and homeland of those who want to fly off and is always ready to be in step with the future. Kisses (Baci), on the other hand, represent the simplest but at the same time powerful form which to stage and express a feeling with, the natural form of communication that people use to show affection. This brand that thrives on love among the streets of Milan couldn’t pick a different name it couldn’t cross new lands without bringing its roots.

Silvia and Giovanni, visionary entrepreneurs with a passion for challenges, have managed to create, little by little and with great sensibility, a family company that travels fast without ever losing touch with the real world.