Luxury, Beauty, and Affordability

Allôra believes in luxury, beauty, and affordability.

Our goal is to bridge bespoke lifestyle products curated by artisans
all over the world to the Filipino market. Through us, the doors
of international independent craftsmanship will open to Manila.

Founded in 2021 by Camille Lhuillier-Albani,
Allôra envisions a beautifully curated world
where every space is an ode to eclecticism
and every home is graced with the hands of
artisans from around the globe.

The idea of Allôra was conceived in the rolling hills
of Italy. Surrounded by the brilliance of Italian art
and craftsmanship, Camille Lhuillier-Albani was
motivated to bring the ingenuity of independent
artists to the Philippine market.

Allôra is a collection of all things Camille finds
beautiful and interesting from her travels—from
jewelry to home accessories, from clothes to food
and wine. Each product is carefully handcrafted
by foreign artisans and purposefully chosen by
Camille to make everyday a little more beautiful.

We also collaborate with Filipino based and made brands to further elavate local products with a different style & flair.

Every few month we will be launching different collections with different partners that will surprise and elevate your space.