Bespoke lifestyle products
reimagined for the modern life.

Bespoke lifestyle products
reimagined for the modern life.

Allôra believes in luxury, beauty, and affordability.

Our goal is to bridge bespoke lifestyle products curated by artisans
all over the world to the Filipino market. Through us, the doors
of international independent craftsmanship will open to Manila.

Make an everyday moment special.

Everyday objects take the stage in a world
where reality and illusion merge.



Our brand delights you with experiences. We believe that our store must alight all of your senses with a sense of opulence. From products to services, one will experience only the finest quality.


Our products are meant to turn your space into a work of art. They are meant to bring the eclectic beauty of the world into the comfort of your home.


Foreign craftsmanship is often lauded as expensive in the Philippines, but Allôra works to ensure that these masterpieces can be taken home at reasonable prices.

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